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7 dec 2017

What makes life worth living?

What makes life worth living? What really makes us happy? Clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard University and leader of the one of the most important studies of human happiness ever undertaken, Robert Waldinger has sought the answers to these questions:

“moving beyond the small self is a huge source of both meaning and contentment.”

For seventy-five continuous years, it has tracked the lives of 724 men in order to understand what makes for a healthy, happy life. The study is one of the most important longitudinal research projects ever undertaken.The Harvard Study of Adult Development identified three key points about relationships and their benefit:

1. Loneliness Is Fatal

2. It’s the Quality of Your Relationships that Counts

3. Good Relationships Are Good for Your Brain

According to Waldinger, one of the most powerful tools for improving our relationships is meditating. Through meditation, we get to know ourselves, and when we truly understand our own minds and bodies, we understand a lot about other people’s minds and bodies too. That makes us more compassionate with ourselves and everyone around us.

A Zen Priest at Harvard Finds the Key to Happiness

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